Position title
Southwest airlines remote jobs
Employment Type
Base Salary
USD30-USD40 Per hour
Job Location
United States
Remote work from: USA

Individuals of Southwest Carriers meet up to follow through on our Motivation, which is to associate Individuals to what’s significant in their lives through well disposed, dependable, and minimal expense air travel. Southwest Airlines Careers Remote. The Airplane Support Specialist (Line – RON) puts resources into the fate of Southwest’s Kin through their work overhauling and keeping up with Southwest’s all-Boeing armada – the biggest Boeing 737 armada on the planet. This job works cooperatively with individual Support Specialists and different Groups in Specialized Activities (Tech Operations) and Ground Tasks (Ground Operations) to guarantee an airworthy armada that will support an on-time flight plan. The Airplane Upkeep Professional is eager to join our tightknit Chicago Group, have the potential chance to learn and fill in their skill every day, and drive where their vocation with Heart takes them at Southwest Aircrafts.

Southwest Airlines Careers Remote


  • Works in a helpful soul to guarantee the progress of our Organization
  • Crafted by the Specialist will incorporate all work commonly perceived as Technician’s work performed by the Organization in its carrier activities in and about Organization shops, upkeep bases, and support stations- – including, however not restricted to- – checks, destroying, upgrading, fixing, manufacturing, collecting, welding, raising, and painting all pieces of airplane, airplane motors, radio hardware, instruments, electrical frameworks, pressure driven frameworks, and machine device work in association therewith
  • Should have the option to meet any actual capacity prerequisites recorded on this depiction. Southwest Airlines Careers Remote.
  • May perform other work obligations as coordinated by Representative’s Chiefs, with all interior and outer Clients

Information, Abilities and Capacities

  • Should have the option to peruse and fathom support techniques manuals and related archives, wire charts, blue prints, Airplane Change Requests, extraordinary things and log reviews
  • Should have the option to adhere to directions, learn, comprehend, and agree with upkeep systems, rules and guidelines
  • Should have the option to compose exact and finish synopses of work achieved on expected structures and sign to check work was proceeded as shown
  • Should have adequate PC abilities to get to and complete PC based preparing modules
  • Should have the option to meet all preparing prerequisites sooner rather than later
  • Should know about perilous circumstances and have the option to deal with crises depending on the situation. Southwest Airlines Careers Remote.
  • Should have the option to perform well in speedy climate working under unambiguous cutoff times and time limitations to perform airplane upkeep to fulfill the needs of the flight plan
  • Should cooperate with other people as a component of a group and work under distressing circumstances
  • Should have the option to stay alarm to moving vehicles or airplane and utilize radio gear successfully
  • Should have the option to impart data and guidelines recorded as a hard copy, verbally or by means of radio gear
  • Offers cordial support to and keeps up with positive relationship with all Inward and Outer clients
  • Works in helpful soul to guarantee the progress of our Organization
Southwest Airlines Careers Remote

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Date posted
10 February 2024
Valid through
23 April 2025
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