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The hottest fastfood trends in america

Fastfood frenzy fastfood chains covered the chicken sandwich warfare before the outbreak

Egg bites starbucks sous vide egg pieces in varietiesĀ seemed to dominate the market but competitors soon caught up

Cold brew coffee iced coffee has been a mccafe favorite at mcdonalds worldwide for years

More and mo re chicken the quest to make the best chicken sandwich suggests that most people like chicken and want more of it

Korean corn dogs if you dont like corn dogs dont reject theseā€”the batter doesnt contain cornmeal

Plenty of pl antbased this was obvious menus are bursting with meatless plantbased and vegan alternatives

Mochi doughn uts we think whoever combined mochi and doughnuts was a genius because theyre both sweet pillowy desserts

Original condiments sauces fastfood condiments have long had cult followings but businesses may be realizing how much devotion a wellmade sauce or condiment can engender